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Our Top Missions

We aim at providing high quality service that combine creativity and innovations with value pricing, while establishing a successful relationship with our customers. Our mission is to develop and exploit the latest learning digital innovations by implementing next-generation technologies.

Furthermore, IGS Ltd aims to be the most passionately referred agency in the student recruitment industry, while striving to expand its strong network of partners in order to provide our clients with the optimum service they deserve.

Service is the heart of our business!

Our Story

A Little About Us

Innovation Group Services (IGS) is a limited liability company (“OOD”) which was established on 27.11.2007 in Sofia, Bulgaria.  The company is registered into the Registry Agency of Republic of Bulgaria with ID: 200942260, VAT: BG200942260. The company headquarter is located into the heart of the picturesque Sofia at: 17, Beli Iskar Str. However, we are specialized in development of digital learning solutions as well as recruiting students for some of the best European universities. 


With passion and experience in learning, we help institutions to rethink the current model of education and bring an effective online learning to life.

Have a clear vision

By implementing the so-called “continuous learning”, we are trying to accurately predict the future trends in the education industry.


We aim at expanding our network of like-minded people and strategic partners in order to provide our clients with the best possible service.

Great Timing

Meeting firmly all deadlines help us to collaborate successfully toward achieving a shared goal, and to keep complex, multistage projects on track. 


Nowadays new technologies is everywhere around us and we think that learners expect to work more with them for their lessons and research.

We Are Everywhere

Our headquarter is based in Sofia, but we have representatives also in Vietnam, Cambodia, Montenegro and Israel.