Artificial Intelligence as part of our Education

The term artificial intelligence was coined over 65 years ago. For decades, it resided almost exclusively within the realm of computer scientists and programmers. But in recent years, AI has become a central component of our everyday lives, acting as the backbone of familiar tech like music streaming services, navigation devices and delivery apps. Unsurprisingly, it now touches nearly every known field of academic study.

Education is the channel through which today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders. And this guide serves as a toolkit for IGS teachers who are preparing the next generation of AI users and developers.

“The programs we create is exactly what’s needed to prepare our students for their careers and futures. AI is for everyone and is everywhere!” says Mrs. Irina Lalova, co-founder of Innovation Group Services.

Learning and teaching about AI is often isolated to computer science. But with the increasing prevalence of AI, supporting students’ understanding of its influence on everyday life is more important than ever.

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